StitchedPunks are embroidered artworks based on the famous CryptoPunks. The special feature is, you can only order one, if you own the corresponding CryptoPunk. This means, a StitchedPunk is an exclusive and unique CryptoPunk companion. It is the physical counterpart to your digital artwork and serves as a nice discussion starter in your home or office.

A perfect understatement for displaying your CryptoPunk collection. Take a look at the gallery for some inspiration.

StitchedPunk #8348

The king of all attributes

StitchedPunk #6613

Watching the future in VR


Simply scan the QR code on the back to find out more about the specific details of your CryptoPunk, show its attributes or have a quick look at its trading history. One punk has been fought over in a bidding competition, another punk was never sold and is a rare developer asset.

Every punk has a story to tell.

StitchedPunk #9670

Fiery red...

StitchedPunk #5708

...or eye-catching green?